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Chakra paintings by my friend Stephanie Weiss. You can buy them on  Etsy !

Chakra paintings by my friend Stephanie Weiss. You can buy them on Etsy!

If you don’t know what a chakra is but you’re curious about this stuff yogis keep yapping about, this is a perfect introduction.

If you’re already familiar with the chakras, this is a nice refresher.

And if you’re a yoga instructor, this is a good reference for creating chakra-themed classes.


What are chakras and why should I care?

Chakras are energy centers in the body. They bridge the gap between feeling and being — the physical, the mental, the spiritual. Studying the chakras has helped me to better understand myself. It’s helped me understand the imbalances in my body, where those imbalances stem from and how to treat them.

By becoming a dedicated student of the Self, you can unlock serious potential. Happiness, abundance, love and joy all start with understanding.

Be open and explore the seven chakras with me. Perhaps you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Worst case, you’ll think it’s all a little too woo. Either way, you don’t lose — it’s free!


Why should I listen to you?

I am not an energy therapist. Nor would I call myself a chakra expert. You can’t hire me to do a chakra balancing session and I can’t tell by looking at you that your throat chakra is all kinds of funky.

What I am is a yoga student and teacher and an avid student of the chakras and the Self. Exploring these rainbow-schemed energy centers has helped me gain understanding of myself and my connection to all things. And I’ll admit, it does seem a bit “out there” at times. It's challenging to write about it without getting really weird. And I like weird, but sometimes when things get too weird it becomes hard to take it seriously.

That’s why I created this program. Because I want to share pieces of what I’ve learned in a way that is not quite so “out there” — in bite sized portions that you can digest on a weekly basis without getting overwhelmed.