Word to your Wednesday: Start more, doubt less

I'm trying a series called "Word to your Wednesday" where I'll share some positive words related to my week. This quote from Arthur Ashe seems more than appropriate to kick things off, as I had to overcome some doubts to start this blog. 


I questioned myself a lot, thinking I needed to learn more/experience more/do more before I could blog with some authority. Eventually I came to the realization that there is no perfect time. There is only time, and the best time is the now.

So I'm starting where I am, using what I have and doing what I can. I mean, what more can we ask of ourselves? Who knows, if we keep doing what we can with what we have, perhaps we will build our potential ... and build ... and build ... until we change the world.

Or not.

But if we never start, we'll never know.

Start more, doubt less - that's a big personal effort of mine this year.

Word to your Wednesday, friends!