How astrology can help you plan for 2018

Breathtaking sunset from our Babymoon in Cape Cod

Breathtaking sunset from our Babymoon in Cape Cod

I'm into astrology. And by "into" I mean I read my horoscope on a cheesy app most days and I researched the hell out of Libras when I found out my baby would be one.

Clearly I'm no expert. I just think it's neat and I totally buy into the fact that planetary shifts affect us on an energetic level. 

My life is changing dramatically as we head into 2018. I'll share more on that soon, but as I enter this transitional period I crave some direction and guidance. More than my cheesy app can provide.

So when my sister, Erin, raved about an astrology reading done by Jynnette at Inner Sun Alchemy, I was intrigued. I shot Jynnette a note to learn more and see what kind of reading would be best for me (she does astrology and tarot).

My intention in all consultations is to bring my clients to a place of Self-Sovereignty. Regardless of the circumstances being addressed, practical tools to attain the highest possible outcome for the individual’s Soul development will be given.
— Inner Sun Alchemy website

Jynnette recommended a 2018 astrology forecast pertaining to my work, so I booked it and eagerly awaited to hear what she had to say.

Jynnette is the Oracle, Healer and Spiritual Life Coach behind Inner Sun Alchemy

Jynnette is the Oracle, Healer and Spiritual Life Coach behind Inner Sun Alchemy

She created a workbook for me that outlines each planet and how it might affect my year. She talked me through it in a way I could understand as I feverishly jotted down notes — I didn't want to forget anything. What she shared with me was super helpful and just the kind of direction I was looking for.

Here are some of the ways the reading is helping me plan for the coming year, and how a reading might help you, too.


Preparing for "lows" so they won't be things you struggle to overcome, but things you can work through confidently

An astrology reading is not fortunetelling. But it does help you prepare for what could happen. For example, I might hit a bit of a slump when Mars is in retrograde this summer. Knowing this, I can plan to save money and get through it confidently instead of being thrown off and feeling like I'll be forever spiraling downward. 


Knowing when and where to focus your energy

Let's say you were an artist. Wouldn't it be helpful to know when creativity will run wild? Or when people might gravitate most to your work? That information can help you plan when to focus on creating and when to focus on being seen.


Setting intentions for the year

As yogis, we set intentions each time we step on that mat. And we take those intentions with us throughout our day, week or even month. Knowing key themes for your year can help you set appropriate intentions so that they're in tune with yourself and the universe. 


Establishing checkpoints

Jynnette told me that periods of retrograde are not always bad. We always hear about the dreaded Mercury retrograde, but that's not the case for all planets. Knowing when the planets go retrograde and how that relates to you can establish some wonderful checkpoints — opportunities to reflect on the past and look toward the future.


I'm headed into the new year with more confidence. Life will always throw curveballs, but wouldn't you like to know when they might be coming? Getting a 2018 astrology forecast wasn't just a thing I did for fun. I see it as an investment in myself, my business and my wellbeing. Let's do this, 2018.

If you'd like to book a session with Jynnette of Inner Sun Alchemy, head over to her website to check out her package options and set up an appointment online.