Our favorite baby products for months 10-12

Our favorite baby products for months 10-12

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I have a one-year-old! Crazy.

one year old

I’ve been sharing our favorite products every three months. He still uses a lot of the same favorites, so you haven’t already, check out my older posts:

Here are some new additions that Memphis has been loving lately!

Magnetic Safari Animals

SMARTMAX safari animals - Favorite baby products for months 10-12

As I work toward a minimalist-friendly approach to toys, I love things that spark creative play. At this stage, Memphis loves putting things into other things, and these magnet toys my dad picked out are perfect! Plus they help build STEM skills, and are compatible with additional sets so as he “advances” we can get him more.

Stacking Cups

Stacking Cups - Our favorite baby products for months 10-12

These cups are so simple but can entertain Memphis for 10 minutes … which in baby time is an eternity. He can stack them or nest them or carry them around like they are his BFFs.

Memphis playing with his stacking cups.

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Learning Walker - Favorite baby products for months 10-12

The exact walker Memphis has was a hand-me-down, but I found a similar one here. Memphis isn’t walking yet but he LOVES doing laps around the house pushing his little walker. I know he doesn’t need the walker … so we’re working on building his confidence. But seeing his face light up with joy as he sprints around the house is one of the best things ever.


instruments - favorite baby products for months 10-12

Since he was born, Memphis has loved music and sound. This set of instruments was gifted to him by his Nana and Boppy and he gets a kick out of making lots of noise. Surprisingly, it’s not annoying. :)

Finger Toothbrush

Finger Toothbrush - Favorite baby products for months 10-12

Now that Memphis has seven (!) teeth, we brush them every night using this finger toothbrush. He actually likes it. The bristles are soft I’m able to actually feel around his mouth since it fits on my finger. And when he does bite down, it’s enough protection to prevent it from hurting.

Rags to Raches Clothes

Rags to Raches

Currently Memphis has two Rags to Raches outfits (one is too big but sometimes I put him in it anyway). He doesn’t have the one pictured but I love it for fall/winter! These are great because they are super soft and require no snaps or zippers. The stretchy neck opening goes around their body. LOVE. They can be hard to get because they sell out so often! I’ve tried looking at resale sites like Poshmark and Mercari, but they usually resale at the retail price!

Rags to Raches

Zipadee Zip Wearable Blanket

Zipadee Zip wearable blanket - Our favorite baby products for months 10-12

I’ve mentioned this before, but every time I post a “wake up” video on Instagram someone asks about his sleep sack. He still uses the Zipadee Zip. He’s able to stand and use his arms but it keeps everything warm. He’s almost outgrown his so we need to buy a couple new ones soon! They go all the way up to toddler sizes. I like having two so that when one is in the wash we have another.

Nuby Cups with Straw

Nuby Straw Cups - Favorite Products for months 10-12

We tried a few different kinds of sippy cups, but these ones are Memphis’s favorite. He seems to prefer drinking out of a straw. They don’t spill when tipped over and they are easy for him to grab by the handle at the top.

sippy cup stroller

I hope you found this post useful! Memphis is pretty easy to please right now and the simplest things bring him joy. I know walking is around the corner which will be a whole new experience but I’m in no rush for that to happen.