The thing that's actually keeping your dreams out of reach

The thing that's actually keeping your dreams out of reach

Confidence doesn't come naturally to me. Any time I make a Big Decision it is just that — BIG. Feeding off of my self-doubt, the Decision grows and grows until it becomes a heavy mass consuming my mind.

I make it much harder than it needs to be.

Instead of seeing a Decision as a choice and opportunity, it become a burden and a huge source of stress until finally I say "yes" or "no" and put it to rest.

Too often I say "no."

But Memphis is changing that. He's turning me into a "yes" girl.

When I made the Big Decision to leave my job, of course I had some doubts. But then I would look at Memphis and they would vanish.

To him, I am a superhero. I save the world one dirty diaper or empty belly at a time.

Baby Memphis

He's inspired me to go for my dreams. Partly because I want to be an example to him. And partly because his confidence in me has helped me become more confident in myself  

It's amazing how powerful a little confidence can be. Especially when it comes to making Big Decisions that impact Big Dreams.

The word “dream” has always seemed a little ethereal to me. Almost make-believe.

Dreams are fun to think about but I always thought they were for someone else to live. Fantasies that could happen "Once upon a time" ... but not in my time. 

Why not me? Why not now?

If you're like me, and your dreams are placed high on an unreachable shelf, I encourage you to ask yourself why.

What's stopping you?

Why can't you pull up a stool, step on it and grab that dream? 

It might take few steps to get there.

And sure, you could fall.

But what's the worst that could happen? You sprain your ankle?

OK. You heal.

And you keep going. 

Fear of failure is a problem. But I think for many of us, it's bigger than that. 

We've been playing the self-doubt game for so long that it's not just a fear of failure, but a deep belief that we don't deserve to succeed. That we are not worthy of our dreams.

I am worthy of my dreams

My mantra this week is "I am worthy of my dreams."

If your dreams are high on that shelf and feel out of reach, I encourage you to try this mantra on for yourself, too.

If you've been in one of my yoga classes this month, you know that my greater intention for January is foundation — setting a strong foundation for achieving goals. 

Self-doubt is not a sturdy foundation. 

Let's start laying the groundwork for our dreams ... by first believing that they are ours for the taking.

Better grab that step stool. 

Intention - Lay the foundation for your success