Where did Balance in the 'Burbs go?

I've been embracing a lot of change lately and it felt like the right time to change this blog's name, too. (It's updated on Facebook and Instagram, too.)

It's something I knew I'd do eventually. Balance in the 'Burbs was a cute, catchy name. But it wasn't my name.  

When I started this blog, I was reluctant. I hadn't yet gone to yoga teacher training and was insecure about my authority to write about the yoga journey, especially using my own name. Also, it felt egotistical to title the blog "Cara McDonald." 

Since then I've grown. I've become more comfortable sharing from an authentic place and I give less shits about judgments others place on me. Thoughtful feedback is one thing, but nastiness for the sake of nastiness is not my concern. I'm never going to please everyone so rather than try, I'm going to be true to myself and my purpose. If you're with me, wonderful. If not, we can respectfully part ways. (A notion I've embraced offline as well.)

Along with feeling more authentic, this new blog name serves a practical purpose. I've had students say they can't find me online. Because how would they know my online name isn't my name? I don't teach at a studio called Balance in the 'Burbs. I don't teach as Balance in the 'Burbs. I teach as Cara McDonald. 

I teach as Cara McDonald.  

I live as Cara McDonald.  

It's about time I wrote as Cara McDonald.  


Cara McDonald