Word to your Wednesday: Enjoying the process

This Saturday, I'm running in Kansas City's Corporate Challenge Half Marathon.

I really enjoyed the training process, so much more than when I used to run on the reg. And I think the reason is that my motivations were different this time around.

This time, I went into training without expectations. My goal was to listen to my body, take training one day at a time and honor my own pace. That means I took days off when sleep or hanging out with my husband was more important. It means I walked for some of the training when my body was tired. If my body was really tired, it means I cut the runs short. If my body was feeling great, I went a little longer. And I didn't put myself under pressure to meet certain times or judge myself when my body told me to stop or walk.

I'm sure some avid runners wouldn't agree with this approach, but I'm not going for a medal or a PR here. No matter what my time is, I'm proud of myself. Not for crossing that finish line, but for enjoying the process and doing it my way.

The younger/smaller/faster version of myself would roll her eyes at this whole post, but she wasn't happy. The older/bigger/slower version of myself is happy, and enjoying the process of life. Life is about 95% process and 5% finish lines. I'd prefer to focus my energy on enjoying the 95%. 

(It doesn't make the other 5% any less rewarding. Finish lines are always pretty rad.)