Baby's first pool season: "Mom" suits, baby suits & gear

This is Memphis's first summer! Mama's a little excited. Excited to show Memphis all the things and also excited that when it's 100 degrees outside I won't be a walking furnace like last year.

pregnant at the pool

We decided to get family pool passes this year and I'm getting ready.

I've never taken a baby to a pool before so I asked moms and dads on Instagram to share some tips with me. Specifically, I'm searching for baby boy gear that isn't super cheesy, a "mom" suit (I'll explain what I mean by that), and sunscreen that will be kind to Memphis's super sensitive skin.

These are some of the suggestions you all shared with me, as well as the suits I'm eyeing from the brands you recommended.

Sunscreen for Sensitive Babies

DIY sunscreen recipe from

A couple of people actually suggested this stuff! The recipe is in the description of her Instagram post. It uses non-nano particle zinc oxide to give it SPF.

Spent a glorious and secluded afternoon at the river with my family. In order to hike both kids on a few miles of trail, I had to use an old long sleeve wrap shirt as a makeshift baby sling, and I just channeled Katy Bowman the whole way: “vary your carry!” (And I am TOTALLY framing this photo my husband took, sans the nipple edit. And since there are lots of new followers here—you’re definitely gonna see some partial nudity on this feed, so if that annoys you we can part ways here ✌🏼). # I lathered on my own home made sunscreen and my very fair skin fared well in hours of the intense Texas sun. Here is the recipe: # On low heat, melt together: 2 heaping Tbs of Shea butter, 2 heaping Tbs of cacao butter, 1/4 cup coconut oil, 1/4 cup beeswax, 1/4 cup apricot oil, 1/4 cup avocado oil. (It’s best to use a double boiler or a glass measuring cup in a pot of hot water so the beeswax is easier to clean up after.) Once ingredients are melted and blended together, stir in 2 Tbs non-nano particle zinc oxide. Pour into your preferred container and let cool to solidify. Dark glass is great for preventing oxidation, and reusing old jars prevents additional waste. This recipe ends up costing about $2 per jar and my whole family uses it—plus it doubles as a diaper balm. Almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and others are also options, and if you want to get fancy, you can infuse the oils with herbs before you make your sunscreen for added protection and benefit. If you’re fluent in the language of essential oils, you can add them as well. # Remember that sunscreen is a tool to prevent burns. Your skin doesn’t synthesize vitamin d through sunscreen or glass, so get your vitamin d without a sunscreen (you can use the app D Minder to help yourself learn about getting vitamin d where you live and how long you need sun exposure to synthesize it, often it’s as little as 15 minutes). Your skin is like a huge solar panel just waiting to soak up all the power of the sun. And remember there are LOTS of other recipes out there to try, and many different strategies for healthy sun time—“healthy” meaning you’re protected from damage but also that you’re reaping the benefits of sunshine. ☀️

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Neutrogena baby sunscreen stick

$8 on  Amazon

$8 on Amazon


Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen

This seems somewhat similar to the DIY one. Looks like it's also available at Whole Foods.

$12 on  Amazon

$12 on Amazon



Boy Swim Gear without the Cheese

Hanna Andersson

I'd never even heard of this brand before but they have some cute things!

This one's  on sale for $30 plus it looks like you get 15% off your first order!

This one's on sale for $30 plus it looks like you get 15% off your first order!

A matching  hat ! 

A matching hat

Rugged Butts

This is the boy version of "Ruffle Butts" — impressed by these ones! My friend Tricia says they are great quality and her favorite for her son.

 Currently backordered but how cute is it? $19.50 for the  trunks

 Currently backordered but how cute is it? $19.50 for the trunks


Not a huge selection but their prices are awesome and I love their little hipster styles! Great trunks but the only downside is they don't have separate rashguard shirts so if I get any of these I'll have to find a plain top to match elsewhere.

Just $10 for  these trunks  and there are a few patterns available!

Just $10 for these trunks and there are a few patterns available!

This  hooded towel  though

This hooded towel though


Cat & Jack for the win! This is my favorite set I found online.

Love that  this one  zips all the way for easy on and off (and it's only $12!)

Love that this one zips all the way for easy on and off (and it's only $12!)

Trunks  just $8!

Trunks just $8!

Mud Pie sun hats

My friend Amanda said she got a few Mud Pie sun hats on Amazon. There are some cute ones and I love this little shark! I don't know if I'll end up getting any though because they're a little pricey.

This shark hat is $18 on  Amazon

This shark hat is $18 on Amazon

Swim Diapers

I'm told these are a must. We prefer Huggies diapers so I'll probably go with this kind — plus it comes with a little wipe clutch. I'll be so chic at the pool.

$14 on  Amazon

$14 on Amazon


"Mom Suit"

Look, moms can wear whatever they want. You want to wear a thong? Being a mom doesn't mean you can't. But I'm in search of a one piece that has enough boob coverage that Memphis won't be able to easily pop a boob out when we're swimming and he wants a snack.


Target coming in strong, yet again. I love the cutout in this one!

$40 at  Target

$40 at Target

Old Navy

Would it be boring of me to get a plain one? I'm digging the simplicity and the texture.

On sale for $30 at  Old Navy

On sale for $30 at Old Navy


I can't decide if this one is too low cut to meet my "no easy snack access" requirement but I like it.

$30 at  Aerie

$30 at Aerie


There are lots of baby floaties out there, but this is the one I want to get because I like that the canopy will block the sun. 

$28 on  Amazon

$28 on Amazon


Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions! Do you have any favorites I shared in here? Or any I didn't share that I should check out?