Full moon ritual & lunar yoga flow

Full Moon ritual, journaling exercise for setting intentions and a lunar yoga flow (moon salutations!)

The full moon is on Sunday and this time, I'm prepared.

A lot of months it gets away from me. I'll be going for a walk and look up at the beautiful full moon in all her glory and feel a sense of wonder combined with "aw shucks I didn't do any of the things."

Let's not let this one get away from us, shall we?

The full moon is a time of reflection. To celebrate your successes, surrender to sadness, let go of thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you. It's a cleansing, in a way, before the new beginnings the next month promises. 

Here's a little ritual for us to practice this Sunday. Because we're going to crush this full moon stuff this time.


Step 1: Full Moon Journaling Exercise

Go old school and get our a pen and paper. Answer the questions below. There aren't strict rules here, so if you're really flowing and it doesn't completely follow the question, that's OK! The intention here is to help you process, reflect and move forward with purpose.

Looking back on the past month...

What are some milestones that have occurred? (Successes and failures, major events, and anything that sticks out in your mind, could be big or small.)

What have you learned about yourself from those milestones?

Are there any beliefs about yourself you could let go of that no longer serve you?

If so, what's standing in your way?

How can you take what you've learned and what you've shed in the past month and move forward in the coming month?


Step 2: Full Moon Lunar Yoga Flow

With your intentions in mind, join me for this full moon lunar flow. We start with some pranayama and meditation and then move into moon salutations. In moon salutations we move from right to left instead of from front to back (like we do in sun salutations).


Step 3 (Optional): Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals

If you're into crystals, the full moon is an excellent opportunity to cleanse them and charge them with your new intentions. Here's a great overview of how to do that!

cleanse and charge crystals during full moon

I'm not a crystal expert but I like having little pretties that are physical reminders of my intentions. I believe we are drawn to certain ones for a reason and usually when I look up what the "power" of a crystal is that I'm drawn to, it aligns to what I need. 


Now, put the next full moon on your calendar. I mean do it now. Make a date with yourself to journal, flow and do weird crystal stuff if you're into it. :)