Creating your own sacred space

As yogis, we are students. Not just students of the asanas but also students of the mind, of the body, of the spirit, of the Universe.

Only by much searching and mining are gold and diamonds obtained, and you can find every truth connected with your being, if you will dig deep into the mine of your soul.
— James Allen, "As You Think"

We are students of ourselves. We explore what our external bodies are capable of. As we advance, we explore the darkest corners of our souls — the stuff we’ve buried to survive or to conform. Because we believed vulnerability was weakness and anger and sadness were its ugly step sisters.

Great students don’t need any more than their will, their mind, and a great teacher. But a nice classroom sure doesn’t hurt.

You deserve space. We all deserve to have a sacred space that is only ours — where we can retreat to go within as we study the depths of our soul.

I’m fortunate at this time in my life to have an entire room. There’s no furniture except my zafu and yoga props. When I step in that room all the weight from the outside world seems to wash away and I am able to focus on my studies.

I realize it’s a privilege to have this room. Someday I will sacrifice this space for a wee one but I will still reserve space. You don’t have to have an entire room.

It could be a nook in your attic.

A corner in your office or bedroom where you can set up an altar.

A special area in your garden that’s just for you.

And if there is no physical space, your mind can take you to one. In fact, even if you have an entire meditation house I think it’s wise to reserve a special space your mind can take you. Because you can go there whenever you need to, wherever you are. (Mine is the woods.)

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Creating your sacred space

So let’s talk about this space you’re creating. It’s yours, and the rules are yours to make. However, here are some “rules” that I keep when it comes to my space for inspiration.

1. Make it yours

You could fill it with candles, flowers, crosses, Buddhas or photos. You could fill it with nothing, making it a crisp and clean space to help you declutter your mind. Make it look, feel, sound and smell “right" to you. Consider your intention for the space and design around that. But also trust your intuition. If a little puppy figurine is really speaking to you, put it in your space. It doesn’t have to make sense to others to make sense to you.

2. Respect it

Space has as much power as you give it. I hold a high respect for my space. This is a spiritual place. Whether you practice meditation or prayer or both, you are filling your space with alllllll the good vibes. Honor that power. Which leads me to the next “rule."

3. Keep it clean

My house isn’t always clean. (Gasp!) But I keep my sacred space — the “yoga room” — clean. Because if it’s not clean, it’s distracting and can be stressful instead of spiritual.

4. Use it

Again, your space is as powerful as you make it. If you don’t use it, it loses its power. It’s like an empty church. An empty church might be beautiful, but if it’s not being used for congregation, worship and prayer, it’s just a beautiful empty building.

Do you have a sacred space? If so, I’d love to see it and share with others for inspiration. Please send it to me on Facebook or by email.

If you don't yet have a sacred space of your own, perhaps you've found your next summer project. :)