Our favorite baby products for months 7-9

Baby must-haves: Our favorite baby products for eating, playing and wearing during months 7-9.

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I can't believe we have a 9-month-old. I know it's cliche to say, but it goes so fast. 

A lot of our favorite products for Memphis haven't changed, so be sure to check out our favorites from months 1-3 and months 4-6.

Here are some new additions Memphis has loved wearing, eating and playing with.


Jack & Winn Hats

If you know my husband, you know it's rare to see him hatless. He's very particular about his hats and almost exclusively wears flat bill New Era hats. But for Memphis, he approves of Jack & Winn. They are snap-back which is nice for a growing boy and the designs are adorable. 

Swim Gear & Sunscreen

I have a whole post dedicated to this subject, so rather than repeating it I'll save us all some trouble and send you here.

baby pool



baby eating

Memphis is a good eater. He's now eating three meals of solid food per day, along with his milk. I'm still breastfeeding and I don't have an "end date" in mind. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. But now that he has four teeth, he's become more interested in eating solid foods. I'm still freezing most of his purees at home using the silicone freezer tray I shared in his 4-6-month post, but we've also introduced some other foods he's digging.


Baby Food Pouches from Aldi

Don't waste your money buying these at another grocery store! They are less than half the price at Aldi and the ingredients are better than a lot of the more expensive brands, in my opinion. They are super convenient and we use them when we know Memphis will get hungry while we're out and about or if he's going to be with a sitter. It's easier than trying to pack his bib, Bumbo, utensils, cleanup supplies, etc. because the next product on the list makes them mess-free. 

Baby food pouch top - Favorite baby products for months 7-9


Baby Food Pouch Tops

A couple of mom friends told me about these and they are amazing. Essentially they are silicone caps with little slits in them that require baby to bite down and suck like a straw to get food out. No mess! I was surprised how quickly Memphis figured out how to use them, but he's motivated by food. Seriously, get these. Worth every one of the 799 pennies.

Available on  Amazon

Available on Amazon


Baby Food Pouches for Homemade Food

I also just discovered these food pouches after wanting the convenience of the mess-free pouches with the food I make for Memphis. They are the same brand as the tops so they fit! You get less waste and better quality of food than if you buy the pre-made pouches. Also, they're stinking cute. Truthfully, I haven't purchased these yet but they are on my wishlist *hint hint*. 

Available on  Amazon

Available on Amazon


NumNum Pre-Spoon Baby GOOtensils

Who comes up with these names? Anyway there are about a million baby spoons out there. We have some cheap ones we use when these are dirty, but the GOOtensils are definitely our favorite. They are flat, making them dual-sided and Memphis likes to chew on them after he takes a bite. He seems to have an easier time with these as he's starting to become more active at mealtime.

Available on  Amazon

Available on Amazon



I now understand why so many moms I follow on Instagram love puffs. They dissolve in babies' little mouths and are a pretty mess-free snack to have on hand. I especially find them helpful to preoccupy Memphis while I get his meals ready at home, or when we're out running errands and he gets hungry. He likes to chew on them. I buy these at Aldi (again, much less expensive than other brands!).



Now that Memphis is crawling everywhere he is into everything. We quickly discovered our home was not baby proof and it seems like every day Memphis is reminding us that we still have some work to do.

Baby Fence

As soon as Memphis became more mobile this was first on our list. We put it in his play area in the basement to keep him contained. There's too much down there that he could get into. Sometimes I feel guilty because it's essentially a cage but he's happy in there! This set comes with six panels and we bought two sets to create a large play area. You may be good with one depending on how large of an area you have so make sure to measure first!

Available on  Amazon  (we used two sets)

Available on Amazon (we used two sets)

My shadow tried to ruin this photo but he's so cute I had to share anyway

My shadow tried to ruin this photo but he's so cute I had to share anyway


One of Memphis's favorite toys is low-tech: blocks. He hasn't mastered the art of stacking yet but he's working on it. He has, however, mastered the art of demolishing. We have a nice set of wooden alphabet blocks that were a hand-me-down but I found a similar one here. I also found a fun soft block set with rattle inserts on super sale at Target. I don't see them on Target's website so it's possible they don't carry them anymore but I did find the same set on Amazon.

Available on  Amazon

Available on Amazon

Similar set  here

Similar set here

Joovy Spoon Walker

At first Memphis could only go backwards in this thing but now he's running wild in it. As you can tell, he has a blast. These are pricey, but I see them on Facebook Marketplace from time to time so if you aren't opposed to buying used that's a good place to check.

Available on  Amazon

Available on Amazon


LeapFrog Learning Lights Remote

Memphis always wants the remote control, so we bought him his own by LeapFrog. Unfortunately, he still wants the remote control, but this has become one of his favorite toys. It sings and plays songs about shapes, letters, numbers and colors. Oh, and it lights up. That's important.

Available on  Amazon

Available on Amazon

I am loving the stage Memphis is in right now. It can be tiring sometimes chasing him around but he's so happy and full of life and it's a joy to be a part of. 

I hope you found this post helpful! I only chose a few of my top picks. If you have any favorites I didn't mention, please share! 

With that, I'll leave you with one last pic because it's one of my all-time faves.

Memphis 7 months