Here's how I sent beautiful holiday cards in 5 minutes (yes, really)


This post was written in partnership with Paperless Post. I was compensated with Paperless Post coins but opinions are my own.

I used to want to be one of those families. The ones who always send beautiful holiday cards with their professional photos highlighting their perfect American family. 

"Happy Holidays" it would say. But really it would mean "Yes we're still perfect and you should totally be jealous."

Don't get me wrong. I love getting holiday cards.

I recognize that before Facebook and Instagram, sending holiday cards was one of the best opportunities to show your friends how much little Suzy has grown since last year. There's nothing wrong with that. Lord knows I bombard you with photos of Memphis on Instagram all the time. 

Like these. (I just can't help myself.)



I can share holiday photos and send warm fuzzies all over the internet. But I can't send a holiday card. We'll say it's for environmental reasons but mostly it's laziness. After six years of Christmas's as a married couple I've come to realize that we're just not one of those families.

Getting photos taken each year. Figuring out what to wear and where to go for said photos. Selecting the right card design. Collecting and writing all. Those. Damn. Addresses. Worrying about leaving somebody out. Spending a fortune on pieces of paper that will eventually make their way into the recycling bin. Hopefully after a brief stint on the fridge (if we're lucky).

It's all so stressful to me. Not to mention time-consuming. For me, it's just not worth it.

But this year, Paperless Post reached out to me and pulled those old childhood dreams of mine back out.

It's a Christmas miracle! These holiday cards are perfect for me. They're beautiful, personal, simple and easy. And they don't kill trees. 

Plus, I don't have to address a single envelope. (!!!)

They collaborate with some designers I love and their cards are tasteful, not tacky. This year we actually do have some professional photos my brother-in-law took of Memphis just after he was born, so I uploaded one of my favorites and sent the card off to my email list.


Side note: If you're reading this and are offended that you didn't receive one — don't be. You likely just aren't on my email list and I'm too lazy to go searching for it. You know I love you. :)

Holy plum pudding. It was so easy.

If I didn't have an adorable baby photo to use, there are some non-photo cards I dig.  I especially love this one.

Paperless Post also has a ton of invitations, so I can totally see myself using it for future birthday parties.

Annnnd I just cried a little bit after typing that because I don't want my baby to grow up yet. 

Birthday parties? 


He'll be a baby forever. :)

I hope you have a perfect holiday with your perfect family. You are perfect. Even if you don't have a Christmas card and matching outfits to prove it.