Holiday yoga playlists that are just festive enough

I am one of "those people" who loves Christmas music. I secretly listen to it before Thanksgiving and proudly blare it throughout the season. 

But I recognize not everyone is into it. What brings me happy memories can bring others sadness. And even if it does bring cheer, it can take you out of your zen zone if a sing-a-long song comes on during your yoga practice. Which is why I created these two yoga playlists. They are holiday-themed and just festive enough to put you in the spirit without taking you out of your flow.


Holiday Playlist for Vinyasa or Power Yoga

I titled it Holiday Hanuman because when I made it I was creating a hanumanasana (splits) sequence.

Holiday Playlist for a Chill Yoga Vibe

This one was created for Hot Power Fusion, which is an energetic sequence that's a little slower-paced.

Want more playlists? All of my yoga playlists are on Spotify