Throat chakra playlist: find & speak your truth

Throat chakra yoga playlist: Find and speak your truth - Cara McDonald

It's April. Though you wouldn't know it by going outside here in Kansas. I've been wearing my winter coat. OVER. IT.

A new month means a new playlist! This month in my C2 classes we're focusing on the throat chakra. I wrote a post all about the throat chakra — signs yours might need some attention and why you should care — so check that out here.

And if you'd like to learn more about the chakras — part of the pranic system of the energetic body — register for my free Rock Your Chakras program where you'll receive one email per week for seven weeks, each describing one of the seven chakras. It will give you a nice overview of your energetic body and help you identify where you might need attention. 

The throat chakra is one that I feel I need to focus on often. Yet it's one we kind of forget about in our yoga practice.


Without further ado, here's the playlist the title of this post promised. In my flow we're working toward shoulder stand and chin stand as our peak poses. I'd love to see you there!