Favorite songs for vinyasa flow


The music I listen to for my personal yoga practice varies depending on my mood and the type of yoga I'm doing. But generally, I prefer vinyasa yoga paired with upbeat tunes.

Let me clarify: By upbeat I mean yoga upbeat, not Janet Jackson upbeat.

In vinyasa yoga, the style I teach, I find that more upbeat music is a better match for its flowy style and movement than the super mellow, sometimes kind of trippy sounds you generally hear in yoga. (I'm not knocking that music, I actually dig those tunes too. I just prefer them for other styles of yoga.) 

I have a few playlists I rotate through for my classes and each of them has one or two songs that are on my list of favorites. I thought I should share them with you so maybe they can be on your list of favorites, too. (Or better yet, come listen to them in one of my classes!)

Favorite Songs for Vinyasa Flow 

  1. "She's Only Happy In the Sun" Ben Harper
  2. "Breathe Me" Sia
  3. "Mango Pickle Down River" M.I.A. (Yes, really. Try it.)
  4. "For What It's Worth (India Dub)" DJ Drez feat. Joey Lugassy
  5. "The Sun Won't Set" Anoushka Shankar feat. Norah Jones
  6. "Heart Sutra" MC Yogi
  7. "Things Behind the Sun" Nick Drake
  8. "Karma Police" Radiohead
  9. "Any Other Day" Wyclef Jean feat. Norah Jones
  10. "It's Amazing" Jem
  11. "Be Here Now" Ray LaMontagne

I'm always looking to add new tracks to my yoga playlists. If you have any favorites, please share in the comments! If you're interested in expanding your yoga music library, I'd be happy to share some full playlists on here as well. The songs above are a few of my favorites, but certainly don't meet the criteria for a playlist all together. 

Annnnnd I'll just leave you with this. Because, Ben.