Womb Power: Super powers only pregnant women have

Being pregnant comes with a long list of “don’ts”. 

Don’t eat _______.
Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol.
Don’t let your heart rate get above ______.
Don’t fly after ___ weeks.
Don’t scuba dive,
ride horses,
get on roller coasters
or boats,
take hot yoga,
get in hot tubs…
the list goes on.

When I was in Silver Dollar City (a theme-park in Missouri) with my family, I was reminded of everything I couldn’t do at pretty much every ride. Even gentle ones that seemed completely harmless had a cute little stork sign letting me know I was not welcome. Seriously why can’t I ride around on flat water in a harmless little ferry like those 4-year-olds?

So in a small effort to counter all the “don’ts”, I thought I’d share some of the cans. More than cans, the womb powers: things that you can ONLY do while you’re pregnant.

The power to flex a stronger muscle than Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever had

Source: NeedleLovesThreads on  Etsy

Source: NeedleLovesThreads on Etsy

The uterus is the strongest muscle in the body by weight, and a laboring uterus pushing a baby out into the world is the strongest force exerted by any muscle in the body. Someone explain why being called a “pussy” equates to weakness? #WombPower

The power to grow a new organ

The uterus is the only organ that can grow a whole new organ within it (the placenta) ... oh, and a whole new human. That's kind of a big deal, too.

The power to get prime parking


My workplace and grocery store both have special spots designated for expecting moms. I seldom use them, but I have the power to if I choose to use it. 

The power to do the preggo waddle

I mean, you can try this move without a bump … but it won’t be the same.

The power to hold a baby with no hands

I hold a baby 24/7 right now and can do it while typing, practicing yoga, driving … all kinds of things.

The power to eat an entire pizza without looking any different

Not that I recommend it… but nobody would know if I did.

The power to sport an “outie”

Mine didn’t “pop” until about 27 weeks, but now it’s here and proud. 

The power to house two souls

A special human is growing inside of me — someone who will make their mark on the world in unknown ways that I am excited to discover. It’s such an honor and a privilege that he or she has chosen me.


Sure, I can’t get on the ferry ride at Silver Dollar City. I don’t eat sushi or drink booze. But I do have some new super powers that are pretty rad. #WombPower