[12 Mindful Days] Day 2: A Cup of Cheer


How did the walk go yesterday?

Did it make you rethink winter walks? 

Today's challenge is a bit warmer. It involves a warm cup of cheer — any cheer of your choosing. Well, but not booze. Let's keep this non-alcoholic. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa ... whatever sounds best to you. Hell, if you're not a fan of any of those, this could be a simple glass of water. It doesn't necessarily have to be warm. 

Make this the most mindful drinking experience you've ever had, starting before you even take your first sip. Notice the smell of the warm liquid, how the mug feels in your hands, the texture of the drink.

Now take a sip. Notice the texture as it hits your mouth, the taste as it fills your palate and the feeling you have inside afterward, as the tasty drink enters your body and warms you from head to toe. (Or cools your body, if you're drinking something cold.)

RULE: Don't multitask. No morning news, no cell phone, no disruptions. Just you and your cup of cheer. 

Continue to take one mindful sip at a time until it is finished, or you decide you're finished. (You might be surprised to find you actually don't want all of it.)

Notice how you feel now compared to before you consumed your beverage. Do you feel warm? Nourished? Energized? Happy? No judgment about the outcome — just noticing; observing.  

When I get busy, I often multitask while I eat and drink. I'm not mindful about the food and drinks I'm consuming. Especially my morning coffee. (Yes, I drink coffee.) Even though I drink my coffee after a handful of other activities involved in my morning routine, I don't even think when I'm turning on the Keurig; it's automatic. I found this exercise to be quite enjoyable. Because it turns out, I love coffee. I just don't often allow myself the opportunity to truly enjoy it. 

Let me know what you drank and how it goes! Again, if you'd like to share your photo proof that you completed this challenge, use #12MindfulDays on Instagram. But then put your phone away. :) 


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