My yoga journey — in GIF form

I used to think yoga wasn't for me. 

I was about "real fitness" activities.

Until I saw this...

And I was like... wut?

So I gave it a shot. After all, I wanted to be hot and skinny and do cool poses too.

Plus, I already lived in yoga pants so I might as well wear them to actually do yoga-ish things.

I was angry when my body didn't seem to work like the experienced yogis'.

I kept at it, because I really wanted that yoga body. I wanted to be the best yogi in the land.


And then something happened. I cried in camel pose.

It was then that I realized the real yoga wasn't on the mat.

It clicked. I got it. A little enlightenment in the suburbs.

 Now, every time I step on my mat, it's not about fitness. It's about listening to and respecting my body...

even if I don't nail the final variation of a pose.

It's about getting in touch with those feelers. A balance of effort and surrender. Focusing on the present moment. 

Mind, body and spirit: Blown.

Fuckin' yoga, man. All day.


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