{Poem} Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat poem

In a ritualistic manner, you unfurl unapologetically on the hard wood floor, ready for our next therapy session.

With steadiness and understanding you grip my fingers and toes,
secrets and sorrows,
joys and passions,
past and fears,
sweat and tears.

You soak my baggage into your pores 
and release them
without judgement  
without expectations ...
knowing that tomorrow you'll do the same.  

You are my shoulder to cry on, 
my church to pray in,  
my playground to play in.

You are the vehicle of discovery;
Taking me on adventures
through the forest of my mind and
the maze that is my body.

There's magic in what you do —
Always present,
always ready,
always still,
never wanting ...
just waiting to be taken out of your sling;
a chameleon to my soul.

Your words to me are the same through it all —
every thought, emotion, circumstance and season:

"Yes, it is good." 

You're always right.