Erykah Badu inspired yoga playlist

I have another playlist for you! (And some words of inspiration if you scroll down.)

This one is a good mix of sans-lyrics tunes to help you get all introspective as well as (of course) some flowy jams from Erykah Badu and complementary yoga-friendly artists.

Just to round out this Erykah Badu post, here are some of my favorite Badu quotes (some from songs) I collected from the Google machine. 

"The light always shows on the outside if you are striving to be good inside."
"Who gave you permission to rearrange me? Certainly not me."
"Personally, I don’t choose any particular religion or symbol or group of words or teachings to define me. That’s between me and the most high. You know, the higher self. The Creator."
"Beauty looks like encouragement, patience, acceptance, forgiveness, carefulness and compassion. Beauty is spiritual and physical."
"You don’t have to believe everything you think."
"I just keep going. When the water’s too still, I start splashing around and things jump out of the water."
"If you invite negativity in, you have to feed it and hang out with it. Best not to invite it in."

Happy Badu-yoga. Namaste.

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