Why I live in these pants (Bohemian Island review)


Disclaimer: Bohemian Island sent me these yoga pants to review. Opinions are my own.

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with yoga pants. Especially the slouchy harem pants that are so ugly they're cute. Like weird puppies.

Speaking of puppies, Bohemian Island not only makes the most heavenly, comfortable harem pants, but they do it for a good cause: 

10% of all proceeds are donated to the Soi Dog Foundation — a charity that treats more than 1,000 sick and needy animals in Phuket.

Oh, and the good vibes don't stop there. All materials are sourced from local manufacturers in Thailand who work in comfortable conditions and are paid fairly. Rad!

Pants that feel good to wear and feel good to buy. Does it get much better? 

I seriously have been living in these pants. Not just for yoga, but also to run errands and even to bed. They have nice big pockets, which are super practical, and are cute enough to wear in public (unlike some of my harem pants). OH, and these have elephants on them that give my elephant tattoo company.

In short: I'm a fan. If you see me out in the wild, there's a good chance I'll be in these pants.