10 signs you're a yogi

If you go to yoga class every once in a while, you're into yoga.

Once your lifestyle changes because of yoga, you're a full-fledged yogi.

You might not notice these changes at first, as it's a slow progression. You start understanding the Sanskrit your teacher is saying. You begin noticing where your body stores tension, asking questions like "Why am I storing tension here?" and then knowing poses that can help. Suddenly you start rolling your mat out at home and not just at the studio. And before you know it you're signing up for yoga teacher training!

Just for funsies, here are 10 signs you're a yogi.

1. The day hasn't actually started until you've done your sun salutations

You wake up feeling stiff and instead of going straight to coffee, you go straight for the mat to get your morning pick-me-up.

2. You travel with your mat

When determining which "essentials" you need to bring, there's no question — your beloved yoga mat makes the cut.

3. You have a poop schedule based on your yoga schedule

You've been there before: You're in the middle of an awesome, detoxifying sequence when the poses work their magic a little too fast and you have to sprint out of the studio. Never again. 

4. You get frustrated when a new person takes "your spot" in class

You try to tell yourself that it's an opportunity to change your perspective and that you should be welcoming this newcomer, but you're still secretly disturbed.

5. Your pigeon pose cravings become more intense than your chocolate cake cravings

After a stressful day, nothing feels better.

6. $100 for yoga pants feels totally justified

It's true. They really are worth it. Because it's worth $100 to avoid cracking out in your downward facing dog.

7. But looking good in $100 yoga pants stops being the point

You started yoga for physical benefits, but now you're hooked for all the emotional/mental/spiritual perks.

8. "I really need to work on my third chakra" is something you've said aloud 

Your vernacular starts to get hippie dippy and includes more Sanskrit. Namaste becomes your normal greeting, and you can't help but talk about chakras and energy. 

9. You feel all the things

You become more aware of your senses, and you start feeling more. You actually experience sadness, frustration and bliss and stop going through each day like a robot.

10. And the things seem to be easier to handle

Robots don't handle stress well. You take your learnings on the mat into your life, and are more at peace when things don't go as expected.

Yogis, keep on keepin' on. You can talk chakras and energy and yoga pants and all the feelings with me whenever you'd like!