Change your resolution to a sankalpa

We’re almost 10 days into January. How’s that New Year’s resolution?

Maybe you’re laughing because you only stuck with it a couple of days. Maybe you’re still going at it but losing steam. Or maybe you’re crushing it. Perhaps you didn’t even set a resolution because you (like me) just aren’t into it.

Regardless of what your situation is, we all have goals. And they’re different. You and I are different. We come from different backgrounds and have lived different lives. We have different goals and aspirations.

And yet, often our New Year’s resolutions are the same:

Go to the gym X times per week.
Lose X pounds.
Eat better.

Before the holiday, I shared my plan to set a sankalpa rather than a resolution. Miss that post? No worries — you can transform your resolution into a sankalpa now. It’s never too late for mindfulness.

What’s the difference between a resolution and a sankalpa?

A resolution often stems from a negative place — a place that tells you that you’re not good enough and you need to change. A sankalpa is similar to a resolution but it comes from a loving place — a place of truth where you are already a beautiful, divine being deserving peace, love and happiness.

Commence unicorns.

I'm into feeling majestic. Keep reading to learn how to change your resolution into a sankalpa.

How to change your resolution to a sankalpa

I mentioned that we’re different. You know that. So our sankalpa’s are going to likely be different. You can start with your resolution — but dig deeper. What’s motivating that resolution? Why do you want to accomplish that goal? What could be a loving intention that more specifically honors those needs?

Here are the examples I shared before.

Resolution: I will lose 10 pounds.
Sankalpa: I find myself sabotaging my weight loss efforts by having an all-or-nothing attitude. My intention is to be mindful of this mentality and strive to have some self-compassion and take a more balanced approach.

Resolution: I will hit the gym every day.
Sankalpa: I find myself sitting on the couch every night because by the time I get home I'm exhausted. Then I beat myself up about not going to the gym. My intention is to be more aware of my body's needs, giving my body rest instead of TV when that's what it really needs.

Resolution: Eat clean. Whatever that means.
Sankalpa: I find myself eating unhealthy foods when I'm stressed. My intention is to be more conscious of this urge and let it come and go.

Then I like to boil down that sankalpa into a simple word or phrase that I can use as a mantra. Of course, you can change your mantra. I use different ones a lot. But I like to have one that I can come back to — an ongoing intention. Last year, my sankalpa was “light.” 

This year, I have a new word. I’ll share that with you in another post. 😃

Stay mindful, OMies.