Feeling poetic

Sometimes when you're procrastinating starting your to-do list you write haikus. I intended to keep these tucked away in my notebook but decided to continue riding this vulnerability train and share them with you. 


Heavy with worry.
My mat unrolls on the ground.
Exhale — I am home.


My biggest critic
Stares me down with hateful eyes
From the mirror’s shining glass.


Standing between you
and total self-acceptance
is this next exhale.

OK this last one isn't a haiku but it came out of that same jam sesh.

Yoga Class

Mats unfurl and life comes to a great Pause.
We float on waves of inhales and exhales that
Color our emotions, giving them vibrancy and space that sets them free.
This moment is the crescendo. Until the next.
All that matters is now.

Welcome to my weird.