3 intensity-building vinyasa yoga playlists

It's been a minute since I've shared playlists. I'm on Spotify now, so follow me there for all of the playlists I use in my classes.

The yoga playlists below are all for C2 — a Power Vinyasa yoga class at CorePower Yoga which starts with some slow movement and sun salutations and then progresses into a strength-building flow before winding back down toward the end. These playlists match that progression in intensity.

Yoga playlist for letting go

Tear down the walls.

Yoga playlist for rebuilding

You've torn down the walls. Now it's time to rebuild.

Iceland-inspired yoga playlist

I made this after our trip and it seems to be a favorite among my students.

I hope you enjoy these during your practice or in your own classes. Or, use them as inspiration to build your own unique playlist.

Until next time, keep spreading that light.


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