Yogi's first shoot and car emotions


Remember when I posted unflattering selfies? I did it in anticipation of this post. Before sharing these awesome photos Emmalee Schaumburg took a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to share some not-so awesome photos to show you that I'm full of flaws, just like you. Because I don't want to be the "perfect" yoga blogger; I just want to be me. 

This was the first time I've done a shoot like this, and if you follow me on Facebook, you know that I was a little stressed about it beforehand. Anytime a big photo-op approaches I feel the pressure to be thin and the opposite happens ... I eat all the cookies. Go figure. I learned a few things with this first shoot (besides the fact that cookies are delicious):

  1. Posing on backdrop shtuff is challenging. It was slippery and I bit it a few times. I used my mat for the headstand pic because I like my neck in one piece.
  2. Speaking of headstand, I should have done that at the beginning, not the end. I'm not used to holding poses as long as I did, especially in bright lights and on a slippery surface. I didn't anticipate how physically exhausting it would be, and my energy was dragging by the end, making usually-accessible poses like headstand very challenging ...
  3. ... which also means that doing an hour of yoga to warm up beforehand was probably a poor choice. I should have just stuck with a few sun salutations. 
  4. There was nothing to stress about. It was fun! 

I had a moment last night. I got in my car after teaching a private yoga session and checked my phone. I read some kind words on the photos I shared on Facebook and suddenly a tidal wave of gratitude swallowed me up. The whole situation felt surreal. 

I just finished teaching yoga. 

I had photos taken of me.

Yoga photos.

And I posted them on my yoga blog.

I'm doing this shit. After years of saving money, wishing upon stars and talking about "somedays" with my husband ("somedays" that I didn't truly think would happen but that Kristopher pushed me to make happen — THANK YOU, hubs), I'm living my dream.

In the Big Picture I'm only at the beginning of my journey, but I'm friggin' on it, man. This is the dream. I ... I can't even.

Follow the happy. Pursue your dreams. Be grateful for what follows. 


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