[12 Mindful Days] Day 11: It's Christmas ... Why Do You Care?

Why do you celebrate this holiday? Whether it be religion, tradition or a combination thereof, devote your thoughts to those reasons today.

There’s more to Christmas than to-do lists — a fact that’s easily forgotten.

For me, Christmas is about celebrating new life. It’s about giving. It’s about sharing love with everyone you encounter. It’s about being with family. It’s about brightness and light in the middle of the cold, dark winter. It’s about taking inventory of cherished memories from my childhood and creating new memories. 

The cookies and gifts and decorations are wonderful. But there’s a reason behind them. The meaning of Christmas isn’t inside any material thing. 

I'm constantly reminding myself this right now. This Christmas will be the first in many without a family member and I know it will be challenging to stay merry. But for me, Christmas is much bigger than my woes. (I'll talk more about that in tomorrow's post — the last 12 Mindful Days challenge!)

So what is it for you? I challenge you to think about this. Today. Like, maybe right now.