[12 Mindful Days] Day 10: Breathe


Today’s exercise requires one minute. That’s it.

I often tell my classes that breathing is a complex action involving many parts of the body, yet we do it all day without giving it much thought at all.

So right now … well, as soon as you finish reading this post … focus on your breath. Close down your eyes and notice how it feels as your belly rises and falls with each inhale and each exhale. Don’t try to manipulate the breath; there’s no need to go fast or slow (though you may find yourself naturally start to slow down). The key to mindfulness is to just observe. 

Continue to focus on your breath for one minute. Set a timer if you must. Go longer if you dig it. If your mind wanders, don’t judge yourself. It’s all part of the experience. Just bring your mind back to your breath. Your prana. Your life force.

Once you've completed your minute, notice how you feel now compared to before you started. I generally feel more peaceful, at ease and grounded. It's amazing the difference just one minute can make. And when you recognize these benefits, it gives you motivation to make mindfulness a habit.


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