[12 Mindful Days] Day 12: Silent Night


It’s the last challenge of 12 Mindful Days!

This was a fun little series, and I’m thinking about keeping it going. Not on a daily basis, but perhaps a weekly basis. One small mindfulness exercise once/week. Thoughts?

Anyway, I saved the best for last. Because the sky is my favorite. (I’ve touched on it before.)

The Challenge

Go outside and look up at the sky — the infinite, open sky. Relax into the vastness of the universe and let yourself feel small. Let all your troubles and worries and thoughts feel insignificant, becoming aware that you are a tiny speck in this universe. 

I try to do this every night. I go outside and look up. My neighbors probably find it strange, but I’m already the weird lady who does yoga in the yard so it’s fine. Gazing at the sky calms me. Because at the end of the day, I often have pieces of stress from the day on my shoulders. Sometimes they’re small stresses and sometimes they’re big. Regardless, the sky’s vastness is comforting. It reminds me that I am small and that these problems, even if they feel so large to me now, are oh-so-tiny in the grand scheme of things. 

Relish in this moment outside and enjoy the silent night.


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