#GlobalYogisUnite challenge


Yoga selfies are all over Instagram. And there's a trend that promotes the yoga selfie — photo-a-day challenges. I did one.


Why I flooded your feed with yoga selfies

For the first time, I decided to try one of these photo-a-day challenges. Because I'd never done one before, because I wanted to deepen my at-home yoga practice, because I saw my friend Sarah was doing it and just because ... why not? 


First things first — thank you to the hosts and sponsors

The lineup of hosts for this challenge was pretty impressive: @amyelandry @dimaharani @jannamadu @jojoyoga @robinmartinyoga and @thetattooedyogi.

If you want to see some inspiring yogis, follow these guys.

Also a shout out to the sponsors: @bloominglotusjewelry @aretecomplete and @dharmabumsactive.


Selfie challenge reflections

Some poses were easier than others. Sometimes I modified them and sometimes I did a more challenging variation. (And sometimes ... I just plain forgot to do them. Oops.) 

What I enjoyed most about this challenge was looking at everyone else's dailies. Five years ago, I probably would have compared myself to them in a critical way. Instead, I admired them and was struck by the beautiful diversity. Every body was so different. (That's not a typo. I mean every body.) There weren't "good yogis" and "bad yogis." Like me, other people had an easier time with some poses than others.


Picture time!

I know you're just dying to see my selfies, so here are a few. Props to my husband for taking some of these, my iPhone's timer camera app and to the upside-down flower pot that made a pretty stellar stand for my iPhone. If you want to see the rest, check them out on Instagram.


Day 1: Bharadvajasana

Day 3: Virasana (hero's pose)

Day 9: Chair pose

Day 11: Camel pose (one of my faves!)

Day 17: Wheel pose

Day 19: Crow