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Is Instagram poisoning the present moment?

Husband and I went to see a movie, which we don’t do often (I generally prefer movies with popcorn and couch cuddles), and I was amazed by how many times we were inundated by messages to “Turn off your phone” during the film. Even more surprising was that people didn’t listen to these prompts — there was a little light in the seat below me, its owner ignoring the movie.

Phones are neat. Thanks to smartphones, moments can be captured, edited and shared with all our friends in a matter of seconds. This is powerful. Our social channels are preserving memories. When we’re feeling nostalgic, we can quickly talk a walk down memory lane — as long as we have internet access, of course.

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The problem with #TransformationTuesday

Progress is beautiful. Too often we focus on how far we have to go instead of how far we've come.

This #TransformationTuesday trend has people posting millions of photos of their weight loss progress/fitspo on social media. (Yes, there are millions.)

The sheer mass of these photos exposes that we, as a culture, are hyper-focused on the physical — further instilling the belief that our bodies' physical appearance (read: being thin) determines our worth.

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