Why I'm doing yoga teacher training ... again

My childhood friend and fellow yogini, Emily, shared a link on my Facebook wall about a new studio coming to KC: CorePower Yoga. They were holding auditions for teachers for their new studio on the plaza.  

It's funny because the ad agency I work for just added CorePower Yoga to its client roster, so I've been getting to know them and was already familiar with the company! Some yogis are turned off by this big business (they have 125+ locations), since business and yoga kind of clash. But like I say, karma doesn't pay the rent, and there are good reasons this company has seen success. (And why I'm excited to join the team!)

About CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga began in Denver. The founder, Trevor Tice, discovered the power of yoga after breaking both ankles in a horrific mountain-climbing accident. But there was one thing about yoga he didn't like. He traveled internationally for business, and found there was a lot of dogma in yoga. He didn't feel accepted in many studios, and in many cases didn't understand what was happening.

In 2000, Tice sold the two successful tech companies he had founded with a vision to demystify the world of yoga and bring the power of yoga to the masses.

CorePower Yoga strives to increase awareness and widespread adoption of yoga by making yoga accessible to everyone through a variety of yoga styles for beginners and more advanced yoga students, and class times to meet any schedule.

We believe in the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.
— From CorePowerYoga.com

Tice opened his first studio in Denver with a card table for a front desk. Really. Now, 15 years later, CorePower Yoga is opening studios in nearly every major city. 


Why I'm training

CorePower Yoga's sequences have foundations in Bikram, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. It's a unique style that requires specific training. As the first teachers at CorePower Yoga in KC, we have an amazing opportunity and I am so excited. We are receiving an immersive (translation: compact and fast) version of their 200-hr teacher training program.  

In three weeks I'll have completed the trainings for four class formats. Each format is typically an 8-week program with the exception of Yoga Sculpt, which is only a 50-hour training. 

Here are some members of my new CorePower Yoga fam!

Hey KC Yogis,Here's your first glimpse at some of the original #CorePowerYoga Kansas City Teachers! #CPY is the...

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Class Formats

I'm hoping to teach all of these at some point. They are all different and special. And by special I mean awesome. The formats have evolved over time based on STUDENT feedback. I think this is super rad. It's not based on one person's view; it's based on important things like anatomy and health but also on feedback. That's special.  

C1:  This is their beginner level class but it's truly good for mixed levels. Beginner doesn't mean easy! A vinyasa-style sequence that breaks down the poses and is set to music in an 85-degree room. Lots of focus on core. My teacher calls this "The Little Black Dress."

C2: Similar to C1 but with more variation and a bit less of a breakdown in postures. Also, the heat makes it a little more intense (approx. 95 degrees).This one my teacher calls "The Little Black Dress with Pearls."

Hot Power Fusion (HPF): This is power yoga in a room heated to 100 degrees. I have yet to take this training, so I'll have more deets soon!

Yoga Sculpt: Similar to the CP2 sequence but light weights are added for a sculpting class (as the name implies). This is a unique class format I'm pretty stoked about! 

Try it!

Please "Like" CorePower Yoga - Kansas City on Facebook to get updates about specials, free classes and the opening. Did I mention free classes? Cool. 

I'm seriously stoked about this. From what I hear, the space is going to be gorgeous and the more I learn about my new yoga family, the more I love it. Also, I'm super excited that I'll be teaching with my childhood bestie, Emily. It's like life is coming together full-circle. 

I hope to see you at the opening in the fall! 

Just in KC!We are thrilled to announce #CorePowerYoga Kansas City will make their home in the beautiful Country Club...

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