[12 Mindful Days] Day 9: Put a Bow On It


If you're like me, you've hardly started wrapping gifts. So for day 9's challenge, let's get started and wrap at least one. Maybe make it a super special one, because you're going to be giving it some extra care. 

The Challenge

Before you start wrapping, take a deep breath. Forget about alllll the gifts you need to wrap, the remaining items on your to-do list and any holiday drama you might be dealing with. Focus all your attention on this one task; this one gift.

Now start the wrapping process. Notice every step involved. The feeling of the paper in your hands, the crisp sound of the scissors cutting through the paper and the click of tape as you cut it off its wheel. Pause to enjoy the colors and patterns. What about this particular paper do you enjoy?

As you begin to finish wrapping the gift with bows, ribbons and tags — as you did with the wrapping paper — notice the sights, sounds and textures involved in each step. 

Once you've finished, admire your work. And also notice the wrinkled flaw you might have left — without judgment. 

Finally, take a moment to think about the person who will be receiving this gift. Experience gratitude for his or her friendship/love. What is it about them you appreciate most? How does his or her relationship serve you? How do you serve him or her?

I don't know about you, but the idea of someone taking time wrapping my gift and then thinking about how awesome I am would make the gift seem pretty rad. And I think that good energy you put into the wrapping gets passed along to the recipient. 

For me, this exercise turns wrapping into part of the gift, not a chore. And it's not only a mindfulness practice, but a gratitude practice as well. Double dose of happy.

Happy wrapping! Let me know how it goes and use #12MindfulDays to document it on Instagram if you're into it.


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