7 online sources for workouts

Sources for online workouts

I don't follow a workout program. I don't have specific goals and I don't follow a specific diet.  

I do love working out. My body likes to move and it can also be a meditative experience for me. As someone who works on a computer all day, my workouts are very important to me. It's a sacred time away from the screen to tune into my body and mind. In short, it's part of my recipe for happy. 

Yoga and running are my two favorite ways to move, and are consistently part of my self care routine. But I also enjoy at-home workouts (in the yard if it's nice outside), weightlifting at the gym and trying new types of classes (most recently, boxing). 

Often times I just do my own thing. For example, when I set out for a run, I typically run/jog/walk as I please, without a specific distance in mind. I may stop during the run and practice a little yoga or do some calisthenics. 

But sometimes I like a little structure. Having a workout sketched out, especially at the gym, encourages me try new things. 

Here are my favorite sources for finding these workouts, in no particular order. 


1. Pinterest

I get annoyed by some of the "fitspo" images on Pinterest, but if you look past the IN YOUR FACE abs there are some nice workouts. I've pinned ones I like or want to try to my fit board.

  • PROS: Free, lots of variety
  • CONS: Blur your eyes to fitspo and you have to dig sometimes to find good content


2. Cody

Cody is an app that works on mobile or desktop. Essentially it's a platform where fitness professionals sell videos and programs. It's not free. But I purchased a Patrick Beach bundle and love challenging myself to his classes every once in a while. As a teacher, I think it's important to be led through your practice sometimes. A personal yoga practice is great, but I enjoy balance. 

  • PROS: Celebrity yogis and fitness experts, quality programs, good value
  • CONS: I mean, it's not free


3. Bodyrock.tv

This site is controversial. I've been following their workouts since Zuzka was running it, and when she left there was some drama surrounding it that I don't really care about. I just like the good workouts. Again, lots of fitspo images. Sexy is their game. But the workouts are great. They do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), so I pull one of their routines when I want something quick and intense or I want to workout at home. 

  • PROS: Great HIIT workouts
  • CONS: Some controversial content


4. Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is my latest fitness app purchase. Essentially it's a library of exercises you can perform at the gym, and they also have workout sequences put together based on the muscle groups you want to work. Most of it is weightlifting, but there are some body weight only routines as well. 

  • PROS: Inexpensive, great tool to have on-hand for form and new ideas
  • CONS: Exercise library is great, but they don't update with new programs 


5. YouTube

YouTube is a wonderful free resource for workouts. Just do a quick search for "yoga class" and you'll find several options for a free guided practice. DONE. Beyond yoga, you can find HIIT workouts, Pilates and interesting genres like Buti Yoga. I also find guided meditations when I'm feeling it; a workout for the mind. 

  • PROS: Seriously everything ever is on YouTube
  • CONS: Hard to find the good stuff


6. Peanut Butter Runner

This is a blogger I follow. She's a yoga teacher, runner and personal trainer, and sometimes she shares workouts on the blog. She has a lot of full body circuits that I enjoy doing at the gym. In fact, this morning I'm warming up with this one and then plan to do this superset workout.

  • PROS: Good variety of circuit, tabata and HIIT workouts
  • CONS: Nothing. She's great.


7. Online Yoga Memberships

I used to be a member of YogaDownload.com and switched to the Yoga Collective. To be honest, I only switched because my membership to Yoga Download expired and there was a Groupon to the Yoga Collective. Both are great and there are other comparable services here

  • PROS: You can search and try various styles of yoga and stream them wherever you are. It's nice that you can search by duration, teacher, style and experience level
  • CONS: You just can't duplicate an in-class experience


Do you have any favorites to add to this list?

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